Yooper Night ‘er No?

Pit Spitters serve up local flav for the Yooper Community.

We love a promotion that ONLY you can do.  Its just a part of the fabric of YOUR team and YOUR community.

Great example is YOOPER Heritage Night from the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.  Like who else would do a YOOPER NIGHT?!

Welp…the Traverse City Pit Spitters have entered the chat.

Since the rest of us aren’t well versed in YOOPER culture, here is a link to the Timber Rattler night with some context:

Yooper Heritage Night

In the end its a night to honor the culture of the UP (Upper Peninsula in Michigan), and its ripe for fun. The Pit Spitters have those great 906 shirts to giveaway and plenty of local flav to go around (most of which us won’t understand.

So, do ya like Yoooper night, ‘er No?

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I value a promotion that gets people talking, is playful harmless fun and earns a healthy buzz….so when I wake up from this nap I will tip my cap to the Biscuits.