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Scale-up your next on-court contest or mascot skit with this great collection of Wicked Big sports games.

As a mascot performer I remember roving the aisles of the local toy store looking for props that were scaled up.

Playing golf on the court really isn’t fun unless the clubs are comically big and the ball can be seen from the upper day.

I remember how excited I was to find a brand called “MONSTER” (Kever Sportscraft) who manufactured super-sized golf clubs, tennis rackets, foam rocket launchers, basketball hoops and more. Some of these items can still be found on eBay if you hunt, but expect to pay a premium for these no-longer manufactured classics.

These props make great mascot props and visuals, and can also be used for large-scale on-court contests for fans. Usually I would just buy whatever large-scale toys they sold assuming I would figure out a use for them at some point.

Bigger is better.

The days of roving the aisles of Toys ‘R Us looking for props have been replace with surfing Amazon, but my excitement when I find oversized toys that can be used as props has not faded. So imagine my joy when I stumbled on this new line of toys from Wicked Big Sports.

At Wicked Big Sports we focus on making games that are challenging, exciting, funny, and all ages and skill levels friendly. We take traditional game play and dial it up a notch with an extra twist of fun.   

Let’s start with the name. I didn’t have to look to know “Wicked Big” was going to be a New England-based company.  Business Insider explains: “Wicked” A dead giveaway that you’re talking to a New Englander, “wicked” is a general intensifier often followed by “pissah,” to mean superb. Given the Puritan past of New England, the term emerged as a pseudo-curse word during the Salem Witch Trials; although it’s also said to originate in Maine.”  Urban Dictionary describes it as  “a word us Bostonians use so our out-of-town friends can make fun of us.”

The Contact Us page on their website confirms: Seekonk, MA 02771

While some of these wicked big games are still slightly smallish for large scale on-court game…but they are a good starting point, or they might adapted for a different use.

Now mascot skits hit differently with a giant football, kickball or volleyball in the mix. Easier to see, funnier to play and the added spectacle of a cool prop can’t be understated.  Most of these props are in the $20-50 range, which isn’t going to break the bank for the added visual effect.

Wicked Big Offers the following products:

And if oversized fun is your game, here are a couple more big (yet not officially Wicked Big) games available:

  • Juegoal Yard Pong – Juegoal bucket pong game includes 12 durable red buckets, 4 balls – 2 white hollow balls, 2 yellow tennis balls, black carry bag.
  • Juegoal Outdoor Game Set, Yard Games Flying Disc Frisbee Set, Catch the Bottle – Endless backyard fun for the whole family, friends, camping trips, the beach, the backyard, in the water, even indoor spaces like gymnasiums and more. This flying disc toss game is a great option for people that love team games and sports.
  • Kan Jam Original Disc Throwing Game – The No. 1 Outdoor Party Game in America: Kan Jam is tremendously fun and a popular competitive team game similar to cornhole, washer toss and horseshoes.

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