White Hat – Black Hat

A fan cam that the late great Rick Rude would be proud of.

As many of you are aware, I follow the business of professional wrestling including several years working as a Live Event Producer.  One expression about the storytelling used in wrestling has stuck with me for its insight and simplicity.

“Here’s the way I see it….Black Hat / White Hat”
– Rick Rude

Many stories (in wrestling and elsewhere) can be boiled down to Black Hat (bad guy) and White Hat (good guy).  These stories are universal, simple to understand and understood by most.

And you don’t need to be dressed in tights body-slamming your opponent to tell it.

Here the Detroit Red Wings us that same story to light up the area during a fan cam.

Black Hat (opposing fan)

White Hat (home fan)

In this case they kept coming back to the same boy much to the delight of the boy and the audience.

Simple and effective storytelling that Rick Rude would be proud of.

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