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The Raptors big inventory of forth quarter props includes a selection from this Nebraska-based company.

The Raptors have a great inventory of fourth quarter hype moments and hot time outs.  We looked at some of those last year in our High Five Review of their game.

  • High Five – Toronto Raptors – High Five game review from the Toronto Raptors on April 5th, 2022 noting five ways the Raptors create an excellent game experience.

Part of the strength of their show are the giant props, like flags, sirens and drums.

The Giant Flags are custom created by Signs and Shapes, a Nebraska company know for their innovative inflatable costumes. They now have a growing inventory of props and tools for teams, including these flags, disappearing banners and, of course, their famous inflatables.

We spoke with Scott Bowen way back in 2015 about there business, link is below.

February 2015 Podcast

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