All American Virtual Valentine

Biscuit spreads some Valentines Day love with a virtual pandemic-friendly work-around.

This week we have take a look at a couple mascot delivery programs while we start to build on an upcoming PULSE article (see below).  In the earlier examples Stanley and Orbit are delivering gifts in person to fans.

Today we look at the Allen American’s mascot Biscuit who has a virtual version to match with the times.

Here Biscuit has created a Valentines package that does not include an actual in-person meeting, rather he found ways to connect virtually:

  • Virtual Gram
  • Personalized Video
  • Game Tickets (sent digitally)
  • Team Store Voucher (20% off)
  • A scoreboard shoutout, and
  • A social media shout out

Clever work around for the Americans that allows them to offer a strong package to fans without sending their mascot around the community.

Mascots across the country have created these delivery programs to spread joy and often generate revenue or income.

We are currently working on a new PULSE article.  These articles are quick trips around sports asking Game Operations personnel a topical question. We bulk the answers together to showcase what’s happening at different levels and sports.

In the article we will compile submissions from mascots and teams across the country with insight and tips on how to successfully make mascot deliveries.  If you or your team makes any mascot deliveries (in-game, holiday or otherwise) we would LOVE to hear about it. The form just takes a few minutes and we will make sure you receive credit for your insight and submission. Thank you!


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