Vipers Connecting Giveaways to Themes

See how the Vipers are expertly executing two unique giveaways.

Check these pair of giveaways from the Vipers.

First is a mini jersey night, notable because I can’t recall ever seeing a mini jersey night giveaway.  Interesting item with detailed imprints, which could be a collectable with all the editions of jerseys teams have.

Second, the dog bandana is wrapped into a their Points for Pets program as well as a fundraising initiative for a local animal shelter. Finding ways to connect your giveaway to in-game and broader theme goals not only bundles value for your target audience (dog owners are more likely to be interested in both the useful dog bandana and the animal shelter) but it make the theme nights easier to share, promote and execute.

Also, love these social media posts explaining and sharing the giveaways and themes.  Nice effective touch from the the RGV.

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