Ballet Steps and Running like Jack Sparrow

Two NFL Cheerteams show another side of their talents in an effort to personalize the talented performers.

Connecting your fans with your team, player and entertainers builds valuable bonds and helps them identify with the people in your show.  Which is why we love every opportunity to personalize your dancers into more than pretty sideline distractions.  Adding a sense of fun, flair and personality to your team sets the tone makes your team more valuable over time.

Here are couple examples from social media that allow another side of these talented performers shines though.  First the Vikings Cheerleaders  take part in an 8 count challenge that was passed around on IG, asking them to showcase some alternative dance styles.  Most of the performers have a long history in dance, including styles that aren’t likely to be showcased on the sidelines like tap or ballet.  While the bits are playful it also shows off the backgrounds many of the dancer possess.

From the finesse of ballet to the outright ridiculousness of a Monty Python skit, here is the Buccaneers Dancers doing the Jack Sparrow Run Challenge.  Totally on brand for the team yet totally absurd, its hard not to like the members of this cheer team more after watching it.

How are you growing your team and showing their personalities and off-field talents?

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