UCONN Cutouts Have Gone to the Dogs

UCONN creates virtual dog park with fan cutouts.

UCONN has created some fun twists to their burgeoning fan cutout program. If raising $2 million in revenue wasn’t enough, they also have saved the best seat for your dog.

All fans who order a Bleed Blue package will also be entered to win a weekly drawing for prizes that include gift cards, apparel and other UConn Huskies items.  Additionally, several contests and awards will be conducted throughout the season, such as “Fan Cutout of the Game”, best-dressed, most spirited, or best pet.

First all the virtual fans are entered to win weekly prizes, creating some added value for fans.

In addition to that there are several contests planned during the year to reward fans with exceptional cutouts. These include best dressed and best spirit.

Perhaps the most fun is Jonathan’s Pack. Jonathan is the Husky mascot and the ceremonial host of the cutout section that features pet photos. Really fun addition to their cutout program (scroll over in the IG post below to see it).

We talked to Lara Smedley from MyFanSeats.com (one of several companies who produce the 2D signs) on the March 2021 Party in the Back Podcast. Topics included what teams are doing with their cutouts and some great stories about the value created by teams who are utilizing these temporary seat fillers.

March 2021 Party in the Back Podcast

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