Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act

Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act for Basketball and Baseball has been seen on America’s Got Talent, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Regis and Kelly, ESPN and shows all across​ the country.

Tylers Amazing Balancing Act is a unique, high-energy performance who has been wowing crowds since 2010. Tyler’s performance is geared toward ALL sports and consists of balancing wheelbarrows, bikes, Werner ladders, and much more on his face while at the same time dancing to music and engaging the crowd. 

“Amazing Tyler is an extremely professional performer who bring a lot of excitement and energy to his act. Out fans loved him and we can’t wait to work with Tyler again!”  – Jack Panyard (U of Georgia)

Gameops.com: What has been your high point thus far?

Amazing Tyler: In baseball the high point for me so far was when I performed for the Northwoods League All-Star game in 2018, in Kalamazoo, MI.

After the game, the person who hired me for the show came to talk to me and said, “Tyler, I must tell you, I had GM’s and Owners coming up to me the entire game saying that you were the Best Entertainment Act they had ever seen at a baseball game, by far!” It was awesome to hear such positive feedback, especially in a league that is known for its entertainment.

For basketball one of the highlights of my halftime career was when I performed at the 2018 Big 10 Men’s Basketball Tournament, at Madison Square Garden (“The World’s Most Famous Arena”). It was great to hear over 15,000 fans screaming for my grand finale, as I balanced a 10-foot ladder!

Gameops.com: What makes your show special for teams?

Amazing Tyler: What makes my baseball act so special, is how different the show is each night! The fans control the show for me! Yes, I bring some objects to balance while on the field, but when I head into the stands, it’s the fans who are in control. For each show, I go into the stand and literally yell out, “Hey Fans! I’m here because I can balance ANYTHING on my face! I want you to challenge me to balance WHATEVER you have!” Each night is different because I have no idea what the fans will come up with! Throughout the years, some of the items that the fans have given me are Strollers, Beers on top of water Bottles, Prosthetic legs, and even a wheelchair!

What makes my act special for basketball teams is that what I do is very unique. There are many categories of halftime performers. You’ve got your dog acts, your jugglers, dancers, dunk teams, jump ropers, drummers, and so on. I don’t think that there are many face balancers out there besides me! I also use a skit for my returning teams where I use a dancing referee! The fans are so surprised the referee comes out and dances with me while I balance a wheelbarrow on my chin!


Tyler was a guest on the Party in the Back Podcast January 2021 Edition. We also have this audio extra from Tyler talking about the extra effort he puts into his shows that you don’t get from most acts.

Gameops.com: Where can teams reach you?

Amazing Tyler: They can call me, email me, or text me! They can also fill out my “contact me” form on my website:

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