Trying Things in Portland

Check this “Northeastern” mentality that makes the unlikely connection between Hall of Fame Mascot Slugger and former Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis.

You never really know what will work, until it does.

Sea Dog Mascot Slugger will try anything.  And that’s pretty high praise.

Check this live skit at a recent Sea Dog game….

I am not even going to go into what this was or how well it worked.  I don’t need to.   The joy for me came from thinking this while I watched:

“I have never seen this mascot skit before.”

In a world where skits get passed around and shared, bits are borrowed from social media and almost everything you see is a derivative of something else….it has become rare to just see something you haven’t really seen before.

Which made me just admire the push into fresh territory.  Well done Slugger.

And once you have tried something new, you need to figure out if it worked,  what you learned and what you can apply the next time.

Or you try something else.

This is from (fittingly) our Live Game Review from the Portland Sea Dogs this summer.

During his 1988 presidential campaign, Dukakis used the phrase “try something, and if that doesn’t work, try something else” as a way to highlight his pragmatic approach to problem-solving and his willingness to consider alternative solutions. The phrase was intended to convey Dukakis’ commitment to finding practical and effective strategies to address the challenges facing the country. By emphasizing the importance of adaptability and a willingness to adjust tactics if initial attempts fell short, Dukakis aimed to position himself as a candidate who would be open to new ideas and responsive to changing circumstances. The phrase reflected his belief that it is essential for leaders to be flexible and willing to explore different options in order to achieve successful outcomes.

Maybe this is a Northeastern sensibility, but I think if it often when creating in game presentation. You never really know what will work, until it does.  Keep experimenting.

High Five – Portland Sea Dogs

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