Trash Pandas Shake It Up

Grimace has become this year’s hot promotion. At least for some.

Grimace is all the rage in baseball after his first pitch recently with the New York Mets.

The club had won seven games in a row after the secondary McDonald’s mascot threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Citi Field on June 12. People online were quick to credit New York’s newfound winning ways to Grimace, considering their 28-37 record prior to his appearance. (

While the Trash Pandas don’t share an affiliation with the Mets, they do share an affinity for winning at all costs even it that means hiring a huge purple mascot as a short term good luck charm.

Fun topical and timely promo by Rocket City.  Look forward to seeing what kind of a streak they put up after Grimace swings by.

(and yes we love the SNL booking style notes!)

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