Top Level Service from the Wolves

The Wolves are putting their money where their mouths is and making memories for fans everywhere.

Making smiles and memories has to extend from the courtside seats to the last row.  The Timberwolves have been working hard to figure out how to make every seat feel like it is a valuable part of the audience.

Here is a great example of how they make everyone feel included.  This Wolves Dancer isn’t just on court or in the first 10 rows making fans feel valued, they are taking the free stuff all the way to the top of Target Center to make this fans night.

How are you making EVERY fan feel?

Are you finding the ways to produce time outs that extend all the way to the last row?

You can hear more on the Wolves’ philosophy and how they produce this kind of excellence in our discussion with Wolves VP of Fan Engagement Jeff Munneke.  Jeff was our guest on the Party in the Back Podcast recently.

Click the links below for more with Jeff Munneke.

September 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

January 2023 Party in the Back Podcast


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