Tommy Hawk Swoops in for an Impactful Visit

Tommy Hawk has this whole seat visit thing down pat. Plus more links and info for mascots who want to up their visit game.

It’s seat visit time in Chicago.

Tommy Hawk knows how to make a seat visit special and he’s already up and running for 2023-24.

We have talked a lot about seat visits and deliveries (see links below) on because it is an important part of the job, a great value for fans and even a revenue center for some teams.

Here is Tommy in action, plus I wanted to note one potentially overlooked nuance here.

Seat visits are EXTRA. And they are typically for the benefit of one. While people around them are excited for the visit and get to bask in the glow of this world-famous bird…some might find a 6-foot costumed character to just an obstruction to an otherwise excellent view of the game.

The first thing I looked for was if the game was in action.

It’s not (see the ice crew cleaning the ice behind).

In other words Tommy was respectful of the game and the entire crowds enjoyment, all while he was making a HUGE impact for one fan.  Seat visits are a careful balance of a big moment for one and an awareness of how it affects others.

As noted we have talked a lot about deliveries and seat visits, with the best in the business. Here are some links with more information.  Plus vendors like Mascot-Link have added some powerful tools for mascots to manage and sell these IN-GAME visits, not just the big out-of-arena deliveries.

Follow the links for more, and Mascot-Link has an easy “request more” link if you want to hear more about their valuable service.

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From my private collection. Here Oscar Cudo gets a seat visit from Tommy, who made it personal with a hand-crafted sign, a bag of goodies and memories that will last forever.  5 stars, would visit again.

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