Telsa Coils Spark Fans in Tampa

Lightning’s signature in-game element sparks up love even from visiting fans.

Love this social buzz sharing the in-game experience of going to a Tampa Bay Lighting game.

The Tesla coils at the Tampa Bay Lightning arena are a unique and electrifying feature that enhances the fan experience during NHL games. These coils are large electrical devices that generate visually stunning lightning bolts, creating a spectacle that adds excitement and energy to the atmosphere within the arena. The Tesla coils are synchronized with the team’s performance, lighting up and producing sparks in response to goals, power plays, and other key moments in the game. This dynamic display not only entertains the fans but also serves as a powerful symbol of the team’s identity, contributing to a sense of unity and enthusiasm among the supporters of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Great branding and effective tool that makes the area experience unique.

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