Teddy Bear Trash

Mascot Bit in Tweet is mysteriously deleted, and my head explodes with a flurry of thoughts.

When I first saw this tweet I thought it was about the Teddy Bear Toss (which I love), but instead it was LV Phantoms mascot Melvin working the crowd in a game against the Hershey Bears.

In the tweet video Melvin pulls the teddy bear in half and throws it into the crowd to the delight of the audience.

But you can’t see the video, because the Tweet has been deleted.

Now I don’t the know the backstory, but a lot popped into my head when I reviewed this.

  • Melvin, that was fun….and good natured play.
  • Apparently someone disagreed or the powerful National Teddy Bear Lobby stepped in and forced you to pull the tweet.
  • Mascots walk a tightrope with every interaction and bit. Those micro-decisions on what you can/should to are hard for a performer, maybe the hardest part of being a performer.
  • This also made me think about about fun High Five Phantoms content we have on the site from their Game Show Night in Allentown.
  • and, it made me think about the PULSE – Teddy Bear Toss article (great read for hockey teams)
  • ….and, I after spending years tagging thousands of tweets for the Water Cooler I don’t ever recall looking for one and finding it was deleted.

So many thoughts triggered by one mascot pulling the head off a stuffed bear.

I hope you aren’t in too much trouble Melvin. Keep your head on straight and keep trying different things.


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