Bobblehead Giveaway Abandoned after PED Suspension

Padres player suspension leads to a quick-turn giveaway item resolution….and a storage space filled with bobbleheads.

Quick thinking by the Padres after star player was suspended for PEDs.

And the change makes some production timeline sense. While bobbleheads can be a 6-8 month ordeal from molding to arrival, shirts (and shirseys) can be produced in a week.

The shift to their new all-star was also a smart move, since its unlikely the team had other premium items for Jan Soto.

You can read more about another bobblehead fiasco in this article, and how industry insiders would have handled it.

Pro Panel – The “Offensive” Bobblehead

Coming soon to a ballpark near you…. 2023 Fernando Tatis Jr. bobblehead giveaway.

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