Wild and Topless in Saint Paul

We look at the value of content shorts and bits for mascots, with a Wild topless mascot example.

Last year we covered Tarps Off in St Paul, which is thing there.  The players took to doing post-game pressers with no shirts on (aka Tarps off).

It’s still a thing.  Now the team has a whole ticket package giveaway featuring a full print shirt of a hockey player with this tarp off (and tattoos).  Awesome giveaway, great player personality and fabulous work connecting with the spirit of the team.

You can see the item in this social post by Nordy.

It is mascot week and I wanted to highlight this post for two reasons. First (above) to showcase the great promo/ticket package giveaway.  Amazing.

Second, I wanted to talk about this content. It is a great example of a content short, or a bit.  I wouldn’t really call it a skit, rather just a playful fun video short to promote the giveaway.

I am often asked to help younger mascots with skits.  Or teams want an inventory of skits for their mascot to perform.

Here is the catch:  Skits are hard.  They are harder to write. They are harder to execute. Comedy (good comedy) is hard.

Bits are a little easier.  They are shorter and less reliant on the set-up and a big punch line.  They are more likely to earn a smile and a chuckle, and way less likely to register a cringe or flat out bomb.  The stakes are just lower.

I like to think about these smaller swings as getting singles and walks, and less about hitting a home run.

For younger and inexperienced mascots, these are super valuable.  It helps gain confidence and the timing and chops for the more intricate skits later.  For teams and directors, these are perfect content to help your mascot grow as a performer and with fans.

Skits often start with that daunting blank sheet of white paper.

Content Shorts and Bits usually start with a topic and you just apply the character to it.

Nordy didn’t start with a blank sheet of white paper.  He started with a funny giveaway shirt and just had to find a want to get a laugh while showcasing it.  And Nordy nailed it.

Next time you or your mascot is struggling to start writing a skit or your confidence is waning, just look for smaller content bits to get some laughs along the way.

But try to keep your tarp on.

Tarps Off in St Paul

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