Scott Carter

Building the Perfect Promotional Schedule

The promotional schedule not only serves as the creative backbone for your sales force, but it also says a tremendous amount about your team. Scott Carter looks at the value of perfecting your promotional calendar.

Battling the Dog Days

Everyone who has ever worked in sports knows the feeling.  In every league, you reach the halfway point of a season where it seems like you have to dig a little deeper to make great things happen.  Scott Carters looks to fight the good fight against the Dog Days of Summer.

Keeping Your News in the News

Teams fight a constant battle to keep a positive media spotlight on their organization. Scott Carter looks at staying in the news even in the off-season.

Repeat Customer Success Cycle

As the calendar turns to April, baseball executives around the country are switching gears from a planning phase to an execution mode.  It’s time now to actually do all the exciting things you’ve talked about doing.  For game operations professionals, this means a much brighter focus on delivering stellar entertainment, presentation and promotional events.   Once […]

Be Your Team’s Social Media E.X.P.E.R.T.

Quite simply, the more you use, share, read and interact, the more proficient you’ll become in the realm of social media. Scott Carter looks at how you can become an expert and add value to your team using social media.

Death to Jock Jams

From the second a fan walks through the turnstiles to the celebration of a come from behind win, there’s one constant current pumping through your venue that keeps the excitement going. It’s music. Scott Carter looks at the importance of music in your show.

To Comp or Not To Comp?

It is the cardinal sin of professional sports: the mass distribution of comp tickets. Scott Carter looks and the pros and cons.