Fresno Keeps on Truckin’

The EPIC Taco Truck Throwdown just keeps getting bigger and better.

The Throwdown turns TEN this year in Fresno, a testament to the value fans see in this iconic promotion.

In Fresno the team even annually changes its name to the the Fresno Tacos! This epic promotion even has its own website, including a downloadable Doctors note so you can get out of work and make it to the game (from Dr. Al Pastor).


We love these pencil-them-in successes that have been built over time, like Pink the Rink in Kalamazoo, White Outs in Winnipeg and the Thanksgiving Game in Waterloo.

What is your best promotion year-to-year that is being built into one of these Iconic promotional tent poles for your team?

  • Pink Promotional Anniversary in SA – San Antonio makes their own pink promotion historic and remarkable with a simple addition.
  • Ice Will Be Pink for KZoo Facebook Replay – Colored Ice Tradition in Kalamazoo is alive and well despite their season being on hold.
  • Turkey Day Tradition in Waterloo – The Waterloo Black Hawks are celebrating 50 years of their Thanksgiving Game, a promotions stuffed with all the trimmings.
  • Fur Band 20 Year Celebration – Fightin’ Phils celebrate 20 years of their fun and furry Mascot Band.
  • Anniversary of EPIC promotion from Saints – EPIC effort from the leaders in FUN, the Saint Paul Saints.
  • Best of 2012 – Honorable Mention: Taco Truck Throwdown – Fresno’s Taco Truck Throwdown is promotion that speaks eloquently to the local fans, where Taco Trucks are a significant part of the culture.  As for former Fresno VP Scott Carter and Panelist noted, promotions are most effective when are unique to your market and speaks directly to you fans.

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