Super Hero Night

Super Hero Nights can be a real draw for fans especially kids. We look at various elements for the night and the perfect complement Super Hero Cape premium giveaway.

Super Hero Nights can be a real draw for fans especially kids. We look at various elements for the night and the perfect complement Super Hero Cape premium giveaway.

Teams across the country are taping into the craze and finding creative ways to promote their event and themed giveaways like a Superhero Cape.

Here the West Michigan Whitecaps promote their night:

To a lot of fans, particularly young fans, players and athletes are super heroes. So it’s no surprise teams are building players, promoting games, and building themes which connect their games and players with Super Heroes.

Super Hero Nights also have some interesting sponsorship and community connections.

First, many teams are offering discount ticket packages for “every day” Super Heroes, like firefighters, police or EMT’s. This is a nice way to thank and honor those occupations at your game and build a ticket selling plan around the game.

Up, Up, and Away!

Some teams use the night to invite costumed Superheroes to roam the concourses for photos. Other connect “every day heroes” like police, Fire and first responders to the event.  With blood drives, pre-game parties, ticket offers and on-field recognition. Hockey teams often host a Guns vs Hoses police vs fire) style pre-game hockey or broom-ball game as part of the event.

In addition to Super Hero Night can provide an interesting new connection with different demographic of fans (comic book fans and kids) and a new opportunity for relationships with vendors like comic book stores (or plumbers). I think every market has it’s own local version of this:

Many teams like the Atlanta Braves welcomed all Superheroes to celebrate our inaugural Superhero Day at the ballpark in the fall of 2015 when they battled the New York Yankees, and each fan received an Atlanta Braves Superhero Cape. now have a great cape giveaway option.

With a massive full-size full-color digital imprint this 38″ (h) by 28.5″ (w) 75D Polyester cape presents a great look, high-value, interesting giveaway. The huge imprint size also allow you to maximize sponsor activation if needed.

Use the form below to request more information and pricing for this super giveaway.

Minimums as low as 100 units (price points around $10-12) each and these unique giveaways dip down toward the low $2 level for quantities over 5k and 10k. A Priority option is available for 3-4 week delivery or make significant savings with our 9 week delivery window.

Of course your video board content is ripe for fun with super power-spoofs, costumes, and making the opposing teams into villains.

It’s an easy, effective and fun promotional night, that can be as simple as asking fans to dress up or as robust as your time and energy allows complete with ticket offers, contests races, best costume contest, giveaways or just an old fashion super-powers battle.

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