64 Cutouts Shape a Memorable Tribute in Buffalo

Friends used 64 cutouts of Sabres’ fan Teddy Steeg to remember him in a place he cherished.

Theodore “Teddy” Steeg III passed away unexpectedly on Feb. 20. He was 38. His friends paid tribute this week by putting him in the stands for a Sabres game one more time. The Buffalo Sabres were one of his passions.

Steeg was featured on 64 cardboard cutouts in section 206 during Buffalo’s game against the New York Rangers on Thursday. Roche and friends raised money for the tribute through an online fundraiser that quickly garnered support on social media.

The influx of donations, Roche said, was a testament to Steeg’s ability to leave an impact on those he met. Roche recalled a spring break trip to Fort Lauderdale in high school when unknown strangers would pass on the street and call out, “Hey, Teddy!” The experience earned him the moniker “The Legend of Fort Lauderdale,” one of several nicknames Teddy was given over the years. 

Broadcasters Brian Duff and Martin Biron paid tribute to Steeg during the first intermission on the Sabres broadcast.

Another thoughtful use of fan cutouts and a memorable connection that goes far beyond a simple printed sign. These cutouts continue to impact people and connect fans and their teams during the pandemic.

For more stories about the cutouts and memorable uses, be sure to listen to the Party in the Back Podcast with our March guest Lara Smedley.

March 2021 Party in the Back Podcast

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