Star-Making Appearance by SC Mascots

Great mascot appearance in SC shows how to find your spot to shine.

Mascot appearances are easy to find and easy to do….but GOOD appearances that help the character as much or more than the event can be a little harder.  A good appearances makes the character look like a star and utilizes the skills and attraction to the team to help all parties involved.  Again, this can be hard to do.

Loved this example from the Stringrays (and the Charleston Riverdogs). As you can see in the IG post the character Cool Ray, Charlie T. Riverdog and Chelsea The Riverdog are the Grand Marshalls of the event and look like fur royalty to the kids. It’s an event that bnefits from having these characters there…and the characters benefit from being there.

There are too many appearances where you mascot changes in a broom closet, is an afterthought to the event and makes it them look like they don’t really belong at the show.  Making sure your mascot looks like a star should be the focus of your performer and your front office, balancing the needs of the event with the value of presenting your character and brand in a strong relevant way.  (aka find your spot to shine while not being a diva).

Here are a couple great articles that look at mascot appearances and making your character look like a Superstar.

If you can’t make your mascot look like a star at an event, you need to evaluate if they really should be there.

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