Stadium Scarves

Typically thought of for soccer teams, teams across sports have found clever connections for giveaways of this high perceived value item with enormous imprint area.

Stadium scarves are a novel new way to keep your patrons comfortable and broadcast your name or message in style. Our stadium scarves feature an enormous imprint area and high perceived value, so you can be sure your marketing dollars are still hard at work long after the event is over.

Stadium Scarves feature your custom design woven of 100% lightweight acrylic.

These scarves are very popular with soccer teams world-wide and have been gaining traction as a popular game-day premium giveaway item. 



Also many non-soccer teams have wrapped their fans in this premium giveaway, each with a clever connection.

The San Fransisco Giants recently packaged scarves for special Jewish Heritage Night:

  • $20 ticket price included the a black and orange scarf.
  • One side has the Giants S.F. logo; the other says “Go Giants” in Hebrew.

The idea for the scarf was the winning entry of San Francisco’s Jayson Shmueli, 36, a member of Peninsula Sinai Congregation in Foster City, whose prize includes getting to spend batting practice on the field.

Past giveaways for Jewish Heritage Night included a T-shirt, a baseball cap and a bobblehead doll of Rabbi Langer were devised by the Giants marketing department. This year, we wanted to make it more interactive for the fans, a team executive noted.  We had a vote among the marketing department. The scarf was the best idea we saw. (From

Hockey Teams are also getting into the act. The defunct Atlanta Thrashers gave scarves to fans, who in turn used the scarves like rally towels according to this blogger:

Giveaways are nothing new for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, but the Atlanta Thrashers’ choice for their freebie yesterday was interesting:

The fans filled the arena with the Thrashers blue jerseys and waved blue scarves given out at the door. They roared early in the game, even giving their goalie, Kari Lehtonen, a standing ovation after he made several consecutive saves.

Minor League Baseball got into the act, under the guise of winter clothing, like the Iowa Cubs who gave scarves out in April as part of a “Winter is Over Weekend” Scarf giveaway.

The Cleveland the NBA Cavaliers also used scarves for a Jewish Heritage Night featuring their player Omri Caspi. Fans received a scarf emblazoned with the Cavaliers logo in Hebrew and English.

Since the scarves are known by many sports fans to be the bastion of international soccer fans, it seems they might be a suitable giveaway to celebrate foreign born players…Dirk Nowitzki Scarf Night anyone? Also some charities have offered scarves for sale for fundraising.


We offer scarves available in several sizes and price points, woven with your logos and custom designs.

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