Squirrels Go Nuts Over this Salute Night

Teams goes nuts over this local connection with big annual theme night.

Virginia is closely associated with the peanut due to its historical significance as a major peanut-producing region in the United States. Peanuts were introduced to Virginia in the early 19th century, and the state’s favorable climate and soil conditions made it an ideal location for peanut cultivation. The famous scientist George Washington Carver conducted groundbreaking research on peanuts, promoting their versatility and promoting crop rotation to improve soil fertility. Virginia’s legacy in peanut cultivation, along with Carver’s contributions, has solidified the peanut’s symbolic and economic importance to the state, making it an iconic connection that continues to be celebrated through festivals and cultural traditions.

The Richmond Flying Squirrels, a minor league baseball team based in Richmond, Virginia, have a unique connection to peanuts through their branding and promotions. The team’s mascot, “Nutzy,” is a flying squirrel, and peanuts are a central theme in their marketing and game experiences. The team often hosts “Peanut Nights” where fans can enjoy peanut-related activities, promotions, and concessions. This connection between the Richmond Flying Squirrels and peanuts pays homage to Virginia’s historical association with peanut production and George Washington Carver’s groundbreaking work with peanuts, while also adding a fun and distinctive element to the team’s identity and fan engagement.

In past years the team has offered bobbleheads of their peanut racing character, this year the giveaway is this unique peanut mug.

Plus the team does a food drive incentivizing fans to bring a jar of peanut butter to donate to our friends at for the chance to win prizes.


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