Space Night in Cincy

Space Night and the long history of bobbleheads.

The Cyclones celebrated the 60th anniversary of man’s voyage into space with Space Night on April 1st.

Plus the date of the promotion (April Fools Day) will lead skeptics who believe things like Moon Landing was a hoax to think the team is covertly winking at them.  It’s niche audience but I’m guessing those people will be all in on this promotion.

Bobbleheads continue to draw fans.

The San Fransisco Giants are often credited with the rebirth of interest. In 1999 they offered a Willie Mays bobblehead to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Candlestick Park sparking a premium item craze that is still going strong today.

The figure aren’t new, they have been documented in Europe and China during the 1760s, per to the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum.

Catch up on the early history and latest trends at the Bobblehead Hall website.


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