Sluggo is Strong with the Force

Sluggo adds value to the Star Wars Night with an in-game themed skit during the Live Race.

Making your Star Wars Night impactful, like any grand promotion, means connecting it around every elements in clever and interesting ways.

This month the Eugene Emeralds presented their annual Star War Night and mascot Darth Sluggo took the opportunity to show the unhinged power he wields from the Force.

Great use of the mascot and Live Race to interject some added Star Wars content into the theme.

We are currently building a Star Wars Night PULSE article and looking for insight from around sports on how you made your Star Wars Night more valuable for fans.

Please take a few minutes to answer our Star Wars Night Survey including questions like “Does your mascot do anything special for this game?”.  We credit your team with all your great insights along the way. Thank you!

PULSE: Star Wars Night Survey

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