Simon Sez Make My Event Better

Steve Max’s Show is always finding ways to fit in.

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THE Simon Sez guy, Steve Max continues to shine as a hilarious and FLEXIBLE touring act.

By design many touring acts are shows that are inserted into your timing window.  The shows are created (or adapted) from stage shows without much room to customize.  Think about the great Red Panda Acrobat show…the show is incredible, but not going to change to fit your theme night or group sales initiative.

Sometimes you need an act to tie together your event and adjust their show to sync with yours.

Enter Steve Max.

The always fun show pits two groups in Simon Sez, and Steve has found ways to tweak his show to fit themes and groups.  This week he was entertaining at the Dixie Youth Baseball World Series and he adjusted the show to pit mascots against youth players to get everyone involved.  It is a big part of the value in his show.

Love seeing how he changes his show to meet the particular needs of the event.

Now if he could just ride a unicycle and catch bowls on his head….


  • Simon Sez Valentines Day – Steve Max even had two men taking part in the “traditional Valentines Day hug”…or should we say inventing it.
  • Simon Sez Salute – Orlando Magic halftime show honors military with playful Simon Sez contest.
  • March 2021 Party in the Back Podcast – Lara Smedley from My Fan Seats shifts from successful event business to pandemic cardboard fan cutouts with warp speed. We talk about the four ways cutouts are reshaping sports, plus creative ways teams are utilizing the cutouts. Plus Simon Sez Steve Max and Amanda Greco.

Steve Max – Simon Sez

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