Lay Out and Let the Fans Take Over

Amazing moment in Philly is a reminder that all your hard work might earn you a break….where the fans can take over the moment.

Such a powerful clip from the Phillies Playoff run (see below).

As I watched, aside from getting goosebumps, I was reminded how powerful it can be to let the fans take over.

It can feel like you are neglecting the call of duty to not engage, not prompt or trigger your fans with the usual host, video and music prompts.  But after you have primed the pump all game, getting the crowd to take over can be the fruits of your labor.

Denver has an amazing prompt that just tells the crowd “this time out is all you”…. challenging them to seize the moment and bring the energy.  And it works.  We talk about that amazing moment in the Huddle Call: An Avalanche of Creativity with Steve Johnston.

Enjoy the video and remember sometimes you can just lay out and let your fans seized the moment.

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