Shrimp Stand on Ceremony (repeatedly), Guardians Stretch It Out

Jumbo Shrimp ask WHY NOT in their creative process and end up with a new interesting in-game tradition. Plus a creative question for your own show.

As if ONE ceremonial first pitch was ever enough, the Jumbo Shrimp have solved that problem by adding a Ceremonial First Pitch EVERY half-inning.

No one ever said you only get one, so why not?

Interesting addition to their in-game programming that falls in the “why not” category of creative thinking.

The larger question might be asking “why just one” on everything?

  • Why do we have just one giveaway?
  • Why do we just sing the anthem once?
  • Why do we only play the introduction video when the team first takes the field?
  • Why do we only stretch at the 7th inning?

A great example of this altering traditions and norms is from the Cleveland Guardians.  In extra inning games they have ADDED another stretch to their in-game presentation.

The team has started the new tradition of the 14th inning stretch, doing a second full presentation for fans if the team gets to the 14th inning of action.  While it seems far-fetched, the bonus stretch has been presented roughly a dozen times according to one well-placed team insider in the last 10 years.

The team said “Why Not” and a new fun tradition was born.

Great creative question for your show.  Why not repeat a valued or traditional element if it has added value to your show?

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