Sharing the Success in Minny

Wolves viral moment is celebrated on-court and they continue to showcase acts of kindness with fans.

Last month the Wolves went viral with a moment in the upper deck.

SportsCenter (IG) caught a Wolves Dancer in the last row of the upper deck making a fan night with a shirt giveaway.  While people in the lower bowl are used to catching an occasional shirt, often these 200 Level fans are left in the dark.

We highlighted this in our February 2nd Water Cooler Post: Top Level Service from the Wolves

While going viral let the world see the interaction, the Wolves were not done.  This week they brought that young fan back court-side to memorialize the clip and share their success.  In doing so the Wolves also sent the clear message to fans.  Making the moments means everything to them.  It’s what they strive for.

Our biggest takeaway: The smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest impacts.

Last year we spoke with Wolves VP of Fan Engagement Jeff Munneke about the Wolves’ philosophy and how they produce this kind of excellence.  Don’t miss that interview on the September 2022 Party in the Back Podcast.  That discussion was so good we had Jeff back for the January 2023 Party in the Back Podcast.

Congrats to the Wolves for not just telling fans that everyone in the building is important to them, but showing them…and then celebrating that success.

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