September 2023 Party in the Back Podcast

Jon Cudo and Rob Wicall talk about Secret Handshake promotions and their role in building exclusivity and unity with your fans. Hear how these promotions can turn customers into family, plus the amazing draft story of Japanese Hockey Legend Taro Tsujimoto.

Jon Cudo is joined by Rob Wicall for the September 2023 Party in the Back. With more than 50 years working in game operations and sports entertainment Cudo and Wicall have some well considered opinions and a plethora of examples to draw from.  This month Rob Wicall turns the tables on Cudo and snatches the hosting reigns for most of the podcast to talk about Cudo’s new article called Secret Handshakes.

Secret Handshakes are not limited to literal handshakes. Cudo writes about promotions that will only work for your fans in your market, creating a bond with your fans.  We look at how these next level promotions can build a bond with fans and create a sense of exclusivity, camaraderie, and unity. 

Rob adds how these coded creations extend to mascot performance and team’s entire shows as well with a flurry of examples from across sports.  Changing the customer relationship from people who buy a ticket to watch into FANS who buy a ticket to belong.

Rob notes in sports “Fans want to be a part of the team and the show,” adding part of a mascot’s role is to let them in. These promotions act in the same way.

After a short break Cudo wrestles back hosting control of the podcast to talk about two memorable promotions from the Buffalo Bisons and Brooklyn Cyclones.  Plus, we stumble upon a hilarious example of a Secret Handshake from the 1970’s Buffalo Sabres….the draft story of Japanese Legend Taro Tsujimoto (see the TikTok below for more).

A great conversation that may change how you think about your promotions and leave you searching for your secret handshake with fans.

Thanks for listening and sharing the podcast.  

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