Sensory Night in Cincy

Cincy Shows the Way with new Sensory Night, plus winning Zamboni Ride set-up.

We love this Sensory night in Cincy, going one step further than the great teams who have created sensory spaces for kids who can get overwhelmed with the show.

Hockey is for everyone! We are happy to offer a Sensory Friendly Game with decreased auditory and visual stimulation. The first 3,000 fans will receive a Cyclones jigsaw puzzle. – See team page here.

As the father of a son on the spectrum I know first hand that games can be rough.  Kids are excited to go but the noise, lights and chaos are sensory overload.  The idea of a room to get away comes from the right place, but in the end they want to be at the GAME, not in a room at the game.  The occasional reduction of the regular show may be a welcome relief to some fans.  I also appreciated this was a prime time Friday night game, not a hard-to-sell Tuesday night.

Headphone not optional

Also the Cyclones have a great add-on option for their tickets…Ride in the Zamboni.  Great way to drive some revenue, add to experience and plug a sponsor.  See how they do it on this page.

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