🪂 🌭 Hot Dogs from Heaven 🌭 🪂

Music soothes the savage beast and can take fans back to your most memorable activations. Read how Seattle has connected music to their Hot Dog drop to maximize the impact.

The Mariners’ have created a viral moment and in-game spectacle this season.

They are dropping hot dogs to their fans (not to be confused with Philadelphia’s Wave of Dollar Dogs).

What I really love is the musical hook. Music has a unique and powerful connection to memory due to its ability to engage multiple areas of the brain simultaneously. The team is playing Heaven is a Place on Earth during each promotional drop.

Music evokes strong emotions, which can enhance the formation and recall of memories. Emotional experiences are more likely to be remembered, and music that was present during significant life events can trigger vivid memories of those moments.

Music serves as a contextual cue that can transport you back to a specific time and place. Hearing a song that you associate with a particular event, period, or person can bring back detailed memories of that context.  So when you play the same song repeatedly in connection with a promotion it serves as a connection to bring people back to that moment.

This neural activation triggers various brain regions, including the hippocampus (critical for memory formation) and the frontal cortex (involved in decision-making and emotional responses). This widespread activation facilitates the recall of memories connected to the music.

Seattle’s Hot Dog Drop serves as a good reminder to find and stick with music for promotions if you want to activate fans brains and bring them back to the moment.

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