Sealed with a Kiss

The Yokohama Baystars have a memorable first pitch tradition that you probably need to see.

Somethings translate better than others.

Here’s a crazy tradition from Japanese baseball, featuring a comedy troupe and a some outlandish big first pitch craziness.

The first pitch includes a batter in Japan, who traditionally takes the pitch.  For this bit, they hit the pitch causing the pitcher to react….usually starting a (mock) fight. After the silly brawl it all ends in a kiss…as all good fights do.

Of course its a promotion like yesterday’s look at Taylor University’s Silent Night [see Silent Reminder] that isn’t something you can/should try to duplicate, rather a fun look at where crazy ideas sometimes land.  Its what’s possible when you try something crazy and then double down on it again and again.

Don’t forget the fun in 2024.

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