Run Over By a Wave

Rockies fan thread hammers home the value of a trip the ballpark with kids.

Really interesting thread this week from Julian Valentin, who is the Colorado Rockies Director of Brand Management & Social Media. He took three kids to a Colorado Rockies game and watched the game through their eyes. Noting the value of sharing the game, letting the kids be kids, watching them see their heroes, avoid the mascot and enjoy (gasp) the Wave.

Really important points across the board that is a great reminder for all sports marketers. In the end, its still a game and if you price out or talk over the kids heads  there won’t be a next generation of fans. Appreciate Julian’s ability to put a fine point on all of this in a simple thread.

Waiting For Heroes
We are reposting an interesting article with Rick Burton (then of University of Oregon’s Warsaw School). One if his primary fears is about the youth market in sports. Its a great read in light of this thread and keeping in mind part of a sports marketeer’s job is to make sure there is a vibrant next generation of fans.

So check out Julian’s Thread, the Rick Burton Interview and (of course) our interview with Krazy George (inventor of the Wave).




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