Royal Office Work

Behind the scenes look at working in sports from the Reading Royals.

I have so many friends who try to wrap their heads around what it must be like to work for a sports team.  So I love posts like that that give you a behind the scenes (mildly ridiculos version) of what its like.

Of course you ride a Giant Trike around the office and deliver your lunch to coworkers with a shirt launcher.  That’s just how we do things.

Plus chuck-a-pucks help decide if you get to leave the office early and usually you wear a blindfold and are timed when you get office supplies.

As a long time mascot performer I have literally heard a dozen times stories from coworkers whose kids have asked them about what the mascot does all day at the office, since they know mom or dad works with the mascot.

While this Royals post might not exactly be a Water Cooler from a game, it does spark some conversation and remind fans about the fun at Royals’ games….which is really what matters.

And if you do want to drive a trike as part of your daily office work, the Royals do have some positions open.

Giant Trikes

Giant Trikes

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