Rolling Shirts Made Easy

Rolling shirt tutorial….see how to quickly wrap a shirt with no tape or rubber bands. Just like Ranger Vince would do it.

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For those of us who are tossing shirts to fans, the process of prepping shirts is an important part of the job.

Here is an easy tutorial for rolling shirts that can be done quickly and without the need for rubber bands or tape.  In my experience we have called this the “burrito” roll or the “Vince Roll” (named for Vince who first introduced our group to it….but in this tutorial it’s called the “Ranger Roll”. By any name it is a great method.

This can be adapted for tossing by hand, in a sling shot or into a shirt launcher.  Usually the width of the fold is adjusted to make the roll longer or shorted to suit your needs.  Different shirt sizes effect the size so you often need to test a couple rolls to know the right size (to fit into your launcher for example)….but the process is the same.

Pro Tip: For CO2-powered launchers we still recommend using tape or bands to secure the wrap. The pressure behind the compressed air can still unravel these raps.

Again, test for your application to find the best solution.


This isn’t just for military, honestly I’ve used it for camping, hiking, and even just for storage as it’s a super space-saving lil trick! #military

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