Ring My Bell

Sixers ring in games to light up the crowd, and the team now follows with post-game bell ringing celebration.

Teams are creating signature moments to start the game and fire up the fans.  The moments often connect to local heritage or traditions.

We recently featured the Sounders opening with a “Scarves Up” moment led by fans or celebrities. Here Philly uses a local soccer player to ring the bell to start the Sixers Game. A the PA announcer explains, “The bell is a symbol of the city’s unity and passion.”   ….and, well, its Philly and the Liberty Bell is tantamount to the city’s logo.

The Sixes team actually started a similar tradition in the locker room to ring the bell AFTER wins.

Those characteristics fit the team’s values, too.

“When you start figuring out how do you want to build a program and what are the cultural pieces that you can implement to sort of show the vibe of the program and even things that could live through the ages,” Brown said. “Scott Rego, my equipment manager, and I started spitballing notions about ways to grow the culture. We started talking about a bell and what would happen if we rung a bell after we win.” (Link)

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