Ring My Bell in Philly

The Sixers are keeping two traditions for their fans despite the pandemic.

The Sixers are trying to keep some traditions despite having no fans. Including their iconic pre-game bell ringing moment.

Here is some background on their popular tradition, you can read more in this great article.

Chief marketing officer Katie O’Reilly hatched the idea of ringing the bell on-court before the intros, syncing it with the team’s elaborate court projections. As someone struck the bell three times, the imaging could portray the hardwood shattering into a blue oblivion. “She kind of brought it to life,” Heck said. Philadelphia spent the inaugural ringing season of 2014–15 test-driving bell ringers. They honored long-time team employees achieving career milestones and once featured a staffer who finally received his green card and became a U.S. citizen.

Ceremonial bell ringers
Even though there weren’t any fans at Wells Fargo Center for Sixers opening night, the organization continued some fan traditions, such as playing the sounds of chants and boos to distract the the opponent during foul shots.

They also had the ceremonial pregame bell ring, which on Wednesday featured cornerstone players Embiid and Simmons — a fitting choice for opening night. (link)

New Coach Doc Rivers is said to be a fan of the tradition and he helped resolve the issue of who would ring it during the pandemic when fewer people are allowed at games. The coach asked if the players can each take turns ringing the bell.  Each night a new player rings and the moment is always a part of the Sixers’ social media due to the importance of the moment for the team.

…and that’s not the only tradition they are keeping.  If the opposing team misses two consecutive free throws, YOU GET A FROSTY!

Thanks to the Sixers staff for their added contributions to this story!

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