Renegades Turn Goose into Marketing Moment

Hudson Valley Renegades turn a viral goose chase into in-game and on-line fun, making the most of the moment.

A lot going down in Hudson Valley last night and the team made have just created star with this literal wild goose chase.

Started here, with crack real-time reporting from MILB’s Stephanie Sheehan:

A goose found its way onto the field at Heritage Financial Park, evading both players and groundskeepers alike in a brief appearance that raised goosebumps among those on the field and in attendance. No word on whether it was looking for fowl territory.

When the bird nonchalantly walked across the outfield grass, Renegades right fielder Aldenis Sanchez showed absolutely no fear, immediately charging at it at full speed with his arms flapping. But not intimidated by the Yankees prospect, the goose glided away and continued its stroll.

This has got to be why the phrase “wild goose chase” exists.

After Sanchez’s unsuccessful attempt to spook the bird off the field, a quartet of Hudson Valley groundkeepers jogged into the outfield and started to run after the water fowl, at first to no avail. This goose seemed to dodge the crew like a running back, darting through legs and using its wings to pick up some extra speed. (

Now the fun begins as this team often-heralded for their creativity jumped in the deep end with some fun.

Sheehan’s reporting continued: “Even the Renegades broadcasters got in on the fun, chiming in with, “This is a brand-new, unofficial game — find the goose!” and “Staff … staff … goose” as four men failed to pin down the goose despite a concerted effort that included clapping their hands and surrounding the bird.”

And now this morning the team comically announced the whole was a stunt by the goose for a new single on Soundcloud (complete with the track posted).

As the viral goose runs wild on the internet will be watching for more fun from the Renegades.  Love how they seized the moment and turned it into a promotional golden egg overnight.

I will see myself out.

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