Refs are Having a Moment

Often hated by both teams, Refs are finding their moment in the sun with some winning promotions and a roving troupe of zebras unleashing a zest for sportsmanship at a rink near you.

We track moments here at the Water Cooler.  And it seems that Refs are having a moment.

First the amazing Ref Sweaters in Vancouver (see Striped Sweaters Steal Show), where the Giants held Ref Appreciation Night.

Beyond that big game there is this roving group of Refs who love Hockey and believe wholeheartedly in fairness, respects and sportsmanship.

While this might not scream Game Presentation, it is a reminder that part of the show to to capture and amplify when the fans are stealing the show.

Nothing delights like an organic grassroots movement like this…so if and when it happens teams need to find it, embrace it and amplify it.

Here is more from this independent group’s recent event at Prudential Center.

  • “Best Sign” – as decided by your fellow refs at the pregame – will have their ticket price fully reimbursed.
  • Jerseys – 100 high-quality referee jerseys that can be purchased with your ticket (first come, first served) and must be picked up at the pregame prior to the game. If you already have a referee jersey you do not need to purchase a new one.  BUT YOU DO NEED TO WEAR ONE – DON’T BE THAT REF.
  • Charity – We are raising money for Razom for Ukraine ( a charity that came strongly recommended and that has been providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine since 2014.  The purchaser of the largest group order will receive the prestigious Referee Appreciation Night Participation Trophy

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