Recap: Can You Feel It? with Cameron Hughes

Cameropn Hughes is no stranger to drawing a passionate response from fans. This huddle looks at finding ways to emotionally connect with your fans through your show.

Touring Act and Canadian National Treasure Cameron Hughes joins the Huddle to discuss the importance of building a deeper emotional connection with fans in your game presentation. When thinking about game presentation elements, he asks the question “Can you Feel It?”

We look at promotions that give your goosebumps, create lasting memories and add real value to fan experience.

Great huddle with a star-studded group of sports marketing professionals representing the NBA, NHL, MLR, Minor league hockey, minor league baseball, and leading industry providers like Boxxed Up!.

Great discussion including some wonderful examples of promotions that generated real emotion with the crowd. Jon Long from the Newfoundland Growlers shared a recent Kiss Cam that moved some seat ticket holders to tears of appreciation.

Cameron shared the three element he believes are important to creating an emotional connection:

  1. Human Interaction
  2. Spontaneity
  3. Participation

He notes the real tests for success are:

  • Did you feel it?
  • Was the Crowd involved?  – Not did they watch it…did they experience it? And,
  • Do they want share it? – Social media.  Literally the Water Cooler

I am reminded of this quote (in a pre-social media era):

“It isn’t enough for a promotion to be entertaining or even amusing; it must create conversation.  When the fan goes home and talks about what he has seen, he is getting an additional kick out of being able to say he was there.”

– Bill Veeck (Hustler’s Handbook)

That was a test for Veeck, do fans feel the urge to share what they experienced?  Not that’s a social media question, but the importance remains. Was your promotion so moving that fans want to tell someone they were a part of it.

The group also discuss current masking rules that add a challenging step to finding crowd emotion while many fan facial reactions are covered. Plus the Trail Blazer shift in their game script that insures they are drawing fans in every night and rewarding them for being engaged.

One executive left the discussion with this note of appreciation for everyone on the call, which captures how much many of us enjoyed this hour.

This conversation has been so inspiring and absolutely amazing. thank you all so much for sharing your stories and experiences.

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