Recap: Cue-to-Cue with Maurice Brazelton

Sacramento Kings Game Director Maurice Brazelton shares best practice, insights, and the value of cue-to-cue rehearsals.

Maurice Brazelton from the Sacramento Kings was our guest on March 23, 2022. Mo talked about the Kings initiative over 10 years ago to start game day rehearsals and how that has grown to help build a successful show.

Maurice shared insights, tips and example on how these cue-to-cue pre-show run-thrus help build, refine and test game elements.  He shared the daily schedule, including who is involved and how they maximize everyone time and energy while making sure elements will be sharp and well-produced at game time.

This practice also serves Maurice well for off-site events.  He has produced NBA All-Star Weekend showcases, the NBA Playoff Bubble in Orlando and the WNBA Wubble in Bradenton.

An all-star gallery of voices from across sports joined the call, including voices from the NFL Texans, NHL Kraken and Golden Knights, industry vendor from FUGU, MLS Galaxy, NBA Clippers and MILB’s Daytona Tortugas.

The participants noted several best practices that that enhance these run-thrus from pre-planning, a focus on new elements, the value of seeing production elements in arena space, and the added time to reflect on the details like music selection.

We wrapped up the call with a shout out to the Newfoundland Growlers Jon Long who recently produced an excellent Undie Toss Promotion. Jon shared a summary of the noteworthy promotion and basked in the positive feedback from everyone on the call. See Drop Your Pants Growler Fans! for more.

This was a really great call and it was rewarding to hear comments and feedback, including one team on the call who noted they implemented some of the best practices we discussed into their rehearsals that week.

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