Raptor Uses the Force in Skit Writing

Dinosaur uses the force to make this skit even more powerful that you can imagine. Plus it’s our 800th Water Cooler post.

The force is strong with the long-time Raptors mascot. Here he takes a musical chairs contest and creates a skit around the May 4th Star Wars holiday.

Really love the use of the musical chairs as the set-up, many fans likely believing it was just fans picked for their costumes …until this young Jedi decides to use the Force.

Beginning, middle and end.

Beginning: Star Wars Theme Musical Chairs is introduced and the players take the court.

Middle: the bones of the game, leaving Raptor and the young Jedi.

End: Dramatic battle and Raptor loses to the fan, including the clear punchline ending that the fan won. A visual cue to the audience that NOW is the time to applaud.

Classic construction and really fun execution.


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And don’t forget the Raptor is a real dinosaur who has been around forever.

Speaking of being around a long time.  This is our 800th edition of the Water Cooler.  It’s actually been around longer, but some of the older posts were not transferred to the new site.  Our daily look across sports is a great place to find remarkable moments to inspire your creativity, follow what others are doing and learn from teams across the country.  We hope you enjoy the conversation these moments are creating.

“It isn’t enough for a promotion to be entertaining or even amusing; it must create conversation.  When the fan goes home and talks about what he has seen, he is getting an additional kick out of being able to say he was there.  Do not deny him the simple pleasure, especially since he is giving you the invaluable word-of-mouth advertising to add to the newspaper reports.”

– Bill Veeck (Hustler’s Handbook)

Inflatable Musical Chairs

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