Rally Wear (Yowie, Bammies, Huggle) and Face Masks

Twist it and wear it dozens of different ways including a face mask, bandana, wristband, headband, scarf or scull cap.  Fans love the flexible uses of this rally towel/rally wear. We have added face mask options as well.

Often when a new product arrives on the scene its not long before several factories start to pop up with similar options.  Such is the case with the multi-wear rally towel concept known as the The Yowie®The Bammie or the Huggle. 

These offers advantages for smaller orders and orders needed on a tight timeline, with a minimum imprinted order of 500 units and 3-week delivery window available.

This multi-purpose fabric wrap is much more than rally towel…literally. Check out all these popular uses and twists.

Twist it and wear it dozens of different ways including a bandana, wristband, headband, scarf, face mask, scull cap, hair band, or scrunchie.  Fans will love the flexible uses of this rally towel/rally wear.

Made from 100% polyester microfiber that is soft, breathable and durable.

The Multi-use headwear keeps you stylish at every game and event to support your team from head to toe.  Fans will love the ability to wear in their own style or just wave it like a rally towel. But this is much more than a rally towel….you can use these as: Bandana, Scarf, Rally Towel, Headband, Face Mask, Hairband, Hair Scrunchie or create your own style.

The adaptable product can be a Mask, Bandana, Head Wrap, Hood, Scarf, Hair Band, Scrunchie, Scull Cap, Neck Wrap, Head Band, or Helmet Liner….or used like a Rally Towel.  Machine wash and dry.

Due to its tube stretchy material you can wear it any way possible and it will fit everyone’s head. Use it during any season – it keeps you warm during the winter or at hockey games and cool in the summer on any outdoor event.

It’s breathable and comfortable.  Brand it with your company or team colors and logo and you will get the attention you deserve! This unique wearable is also a great social media challenge where you can ask your fans to post their best wearable creation with your event hashtag.

There are now 5 additional styles of the Bammie, including jersey mesh, antimicrobial treated, ear looped and cooling fabric options. Prices vary.

We offer 2-3 week delivery.

Of course we can help create your art, like this mock up for an AHL hockey club.

This is a highly recommended product for an interactive premium/wearable with a high ROI and tremendous branding opportunities.  Now more than ever your fans will appreciate the added function of a mask on this versatile giveaway.

We also have additional mask and PPE now available. See our this Presentation Page for details. Ask us for our TEAMmate Pricing on any of the attached items: Face Mask and PPE Showcase Presentation.

Use the form below to connect with us for best pricing and options.

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