Dynamite Decisions in Oregon

Team follows proper planning and consideration for the consequences, learning important lessons while deciding on new team identity.

A whale was exploded in Oregon on November 12, 1970, when a dead sperm whale washed up on the shore of Florence, Oregon. The local authorities decided to remove the whale by using dynamite to blow it up and dispose of the remains. However, the explosion caused large chunks of blubber and whale flesh to rain down on nearby buildings and spectators, causing damage and creating a terrible smell. The decision to use dynamite was made without proper planning or consideration for the consequences, and the event has since become a cautionary tale about the importance of proper disposal methods for large animal carcasses.

The event has also spawned some hilarious game operations moments, like the Portland Pickles re-enactment of the exploding whale last year.

And now the Eugene Emeralds have taken it one step further.

The year the team has created an alternate identity as the Exploding Whales who plan to rain down on their opponents, likely in unexpected ways.  Raising the Oregon baseball stakes on whale demolition to new heights…and we love it.

We hope the team matches their

We have more on exploding whales and creative ballpark mischief in our February podcast with Pickles VP Ross Campbell.

February 2023 Party in the Back Podcast

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