Elmo, Oatmeal Cookies, The Rock and Your Game Presentation

A recent feud between a rock and a monster highlights the potential puppets can bring to your event production.

A decades old feud between Rocco the Pet Rock and Elmo has sparked a moment for puppets, Muppets and monsters. And it is showcasing how puppets can cut through with audiences of all ages.

This feud started years ago over the last oatmeal cookie that Elmo wanted, but Abby decided to give to her pet rock Rocco.  Elmo was incensed that a rock that can’t eat a cookie would get the cookie…and the battle was on,  Recently the clip and subsequent clips of the blood feud have surfaced on Twitter, even pulling in The Rock. (it should be noted this merging of puppets and wrestling for me is next level stuff).

The CNN story notes:  “The Muppets aren’t just for kids Part of why it’s so easy to return to the Muppets’ oeuvre is because it still holds up — and oftentimes, it evolves with its audience. The characters are deceptively witty, often telling jokes that fly right over the heads of younger viewers like Gonzo’s beloved chicken Camilla, to be uncovered on repeat viewings.”  Puppets of course are gateway for kids television, but also can be written for adults or a clever blurring of those lines.  Puppets have proven to be much more than characters who teach counting on PBS with success on TV shows like Crank Yankers, ALF, The Muppet Show, Mystery Science Theatre, Pee Wee’s Playhouse ad Fraggle Rock.

“And how does this connect with game operations?” Thanks for asking.  😉

Several teams have added puppets to their mascot programs as character extensions that allow them to talk and interact with fans and players.  Tapping into a formula that has limitless potential.

In February we have a Plus Huddle to look at the use of puppets in game presentation,

KC Royals Brad Collins and Cleveland Cavaliers Jon Cudo discuss the benefits of adding a puppet to your mascot program. From concept to reality, including the challenges of shooting, scripting and voicing the puppet. 

You can join our discussion by joining Plus, or contact us about a free pass for this Huddle on February 23rd at 1pm EST.

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