Slingshot – The Solo


Slingshot – The Solo, 100 yard water balloon launcher, for shooting by one person.

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This kit includes one Solo water balloon launcher, 150 biodegradable water balloons, a filler for the outside hose.

The Solo has two loops that fit your feet or over a light pair of shoes. To launch, you brace the sling with your legs and release the pocket from your chest.

Best for teenagers and adults. Launch water balloons by yourself, it does not require 3 people. Recommended age: 14+

Distances vary based on your load and strength.

  • One slingshot with foot straps for solo launching
  • 150 balloons
  • Adapter for filling from a hose
  • Purchase is acceptance of the Terms and Conditions below

Water Balloon Launcher Terms and Conditions

By ordering from this site, you agree to the following: Property damage and serious injury is a realistic possibility when using any of our Slingshot Launchers. Follow all warnings and read all instructions.


The manufacturer disclaims any responsibility or liability for noncompliance with instructions, mishandling, misuse, or damage/injury therefrom. User assumes responsibility and liability for the use of this product. Our water balloon launchers are adult toys made for the sole purpose of launching water balloons. Visit our Launching Instruction page for tips and additional information.

  • The water balloon launcher is an adult toy made for the sole purpose of launching water balloons.
  • Never shoot at or near people, animals or personal property.
  • Be responsible when using launcher.
  • Use the launcher with three adults as per instructions.
  • Never stretch the launcher more than six feet.
  • Never use the launcher if there are signs of wear.
  • Check before each use.
  • Always be certain that the tubing connection is secure.
  • Always hold tubing connection and grip together.
  • Do not insert hand between tubing connection and grip.
  • Always wear protective eye goggles while using the launcher.
  • Never launch water balloons at eye level.

Two adults stand two feet apart facing target (or one with the Solo), each holding one vinyl grip and tubing connector together with their inside hand and will then load the water balloon into the pouch with one hand holding the handle and the other hand cupping the balloon into the pouch. Then pull back no further than the distance stated on the instruction page, aim at the target, judge distance, and release.

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