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Looking for a “Wheel of Fortune” promotion idea? offers a wide range of customizable Prize Wheels to fit your concourse or mobile marketing needs.

When the Colorado Springs Sky Sox called us for a “Wheel of Fortune” promotion idea, we helped them find the solution…and now you can get your own customized Wheel of Fortune for a fan promotion. The Sky Sox use this on the concourse as an interactive promotion tool, or you can use it on the court/field for a game break promotion.

We offer several Prize Wheel solutions for your event, mobile marketing or concourse.  The most popular are ones that can be changed quickly allowing you to change prizes depending on your inventory.  You can see all our options in The Store on

We offer large wheels that provide a great visual for on-courts right down to Micro wheels that travel easily and can be used on a small countertop.

Because they are not imprinted, they are incredibly flexible.  Wheels have slots that you insert printed sheets to denote your prizes.  If you have pencils, tattoos, shirt, bobbleheads, and game tickets to give away to your contestant, you can simply print those prizes out with the easy-to-use templates and your wheel is ready to go.  Then if you run out of pencils, it’s easy to pull that prize off your wheel and insert a different prize.

Many teams are using the wheels on their concourse as a way to generate revenue.  Fans play $1 to spin, and have the chance to win any prize you have available.  Creative teams are giving away a combination of inexpensive items like pencils, Bam Bams and Tattoos. They combine these products with “big prizes” like tickets to games, bobbleheads or gift cards.  Fans have the change to spin and win a $4 bobblehead….but they might end up with a $.10 tattoo.  Over time, teams can generate hundreds of dollars of revenue while creating a fun and interactive experience for fans.


Check out our full line of Prize Wheels on The Store on  We have table-top units, floor models, 31 inch to 44 inch wheels.   Wheels ship in 2-3 days and arrive in about 1 week.  Wheels come with software (Adobe Illustrator and Word documents) to allow you to print your own prize wedges.

Graphics can be printed and customized from your computer using the templates available in .doc, .ai or .pdf formats.  See our Prize Game Template page to download.

Prize Game Templates



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