Pride Month Endures in MiLB

MiLB maintains Pride Month without games and teams find ways to share inclusive message.

This week we saw a team keep their Military Appreciation Night promotion alive without a game. Not to be outdone MILB has kept their Pride Initiative at the forefront of their currently game-less summer with a big presence on social media, with their inclusive message loud and clear.

MiLB Pride uses the game of baseball to bring communities together and proactively engage and embrace the LGBTQ community with a focus on creating an environment where everyone feels welcome. This platform was created to celebrate, highlight and tell the breakthrough stories on inclusion taking place in participating cities.

With all of the challenges 2020 has presented, the mission of MiLB Pride has never been more important. Whether we are together or apart, year two of MiLB Pride will join more than 80 teams across the nation to continue to work towards uniting our communities and supporting one another during these unprecedented times.

From now through July 10, a portion of proceeds from sales of select MiLB Pride merchandise will be donated to charitable organizations.

Check their Pride page which includes a great dynamic grid of #MILBPride tweets from around MiBL:

Also, here is a great article from our friend Ben Hill on Pride Night in 2019, including some of the challenges teams have faced with a portion of their fan base.

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